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DataCamp Donates: Free Data Science Training to Bridge the Skill Gap

From the Data Science Collaboration Challenge to events that feature leaders and innovators across data science and computer science education, collaboration drives the work we do and the partnerships we form at Data Science 4 Everyone. We’re committed to collaboration because the data revolution is strengthened and spurred forward when we work together.

In this spirit of collaboration, we’re thrilled to partner with DataCamp for DataCamp Donates, an opportunity for people – K-12 educators in particular – to access free data science training opportunities!

This scholarship opportunity offers 410+ courses on the latest technologies, practice exercises to sharpen your skills, assessments to test your knowledge, and projects that stem from real world queries. You'll even get access to extra DataCamp features like Workspace, Certification, and Jobs! This is an over $399 USD value.

DataCamp Donates is making this offer available because accessible data training can bridge the skill gap and make strides in data science education. If you’re interested in this opportunity, fill out this form to determine your eligibility.

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