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Events & Opportunities

Welcome to our Events & Opportunities page! Below you will find a list of upcoming events hosted by Data Science for Everyone and partners. Select the opportunities button below to learn about available programs, funding, pilots and other opportunities. Or, select the past recording button for a chance to rewatch past events you might have missed!

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Mar 7th

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The Mathematics of Opportunity: Advancing by Degrees

Join Just Equations’ fifth-annual Mathematics of Opportunity conference. This free, virtual event will continue conversations about how education systems leaders, policymakers, and advocates can advance math education that uplifts and empowers students, resulting in deeper math learning and more equitable access to opportunities.

Mar 8th

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Women in Data Science (WiDS) Stanford Conference 2023

Join the Women in Data Science (WiDS) in-person on March 8, 2023, at Stanford University for the central conference, a technical conference featuring outstanding women discussing their exceptional work in data science and related fields, in a wide variety of domains. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

You’ll want to be in the room to experience the energy of this unique conference, connecting with attendees from industry, academia, non-profits, and government and learning from the sessions. Come to be inspired by and learn from outstanding speakers and panelists on topics ranging from, amongst others, algorithm design to data ethics, algorithmic bias to visualization, sustainability to healthcare, and outer space.

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