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Universities, districts, policymakers and organizations joined our 2021 campaign. 

Learn more about the campaign or navigate the Data Science for Everyone Commitments Guide below to see how districts, universities, states, companies and organizations are all committing to actions that promote data literacy. 

Find potential collaborators, as well as resources and opportunities including free licenses, learning activities, data sets and programs that you can join or use in your data science education practice.



100Kin10 commits to sharing information about data science and from the Data Science for Everyone campaign with 100Kin10 partners and in particular with members of the 100Kin10 micro-network focused on high school equity in STEM by 2026.

Raising awareness


AIandYou commits to creating awareness in underrepresented communities and highlighting diverse leaders working towards Data Science for Everyone on the platform.

Raising awareness

American University

The Center for Data Science at American University commits to developing data science curriculum and providing other free resources to promote public high school education.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development; Guidance


B-Unbound commits to recruit mentors, guest speakers, and real world learning opportunities (internships, shadow days, etc) in the Data Science field to add to the ImBlaze opportunity database by the end of the 2021/22 school year.

Learning activities & resources;
Student programs

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium commits to working with undergraduate biology faculty to advance the integration of the use of data science principles and practices throughout undergraduate biology education over the next year.

Professional development; Interdisciplinary

Bootstrap / Brown University

Bootstrap commits to:
1) Expanding our Data Science materials with broader usage guidelines.
2) Offering Data Science Professional Development for educators everywhere.
3) Launching the second wave of Data Science teachers across the curriculum in New York City - the nation’s largest school district.

Learning activities & resources; Professional development

Carnegie Mellon University - Learn Lab

Carnegie Mellon University's LearnLab commits to providing scholarships for any graduate student to freely attend the Educational Data Mining or Computational Model of Learning tracks at the LearnLab Summer School.

Student programs

Charles A. Dana Center

The Charles A. Dana Center commits to guaranteeing more opportunities in data science education for students who have been historically marginalized by the current system.

Policy; Guidance

Computer Science Teachers Association, San Diego Chapter

Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) San Diego Chapter commits to provide a minimum of two (2) Data Science education related teacher professional development opportunities during the 2021/22 school year.

Professional development

Data Literacy

Data Literacy commits to offering a reduced-rate program for K-12 teachers and district staff, and launching a free online course "17 Key Traits of Data Literacy" by the end of 2022.

Professional development; Curriculum & courses


DataClassroom commits to create a curated set of more than 150 freely available datasets ready for classroom use in the free version of the DataClassroom web app by the end of 2021.

Open data sets, Interdisciplinary

Department Of Statistics And Biostatistics, California State University East Bay

The Department of Statistics and Biostatistics at California State University East Bay commits to:
1) Creating a Calculus optional pathway for transfer students to get a B.S. in Statistics with a Data Science concentration from community colleges.
2) Talking to other departments, especially the departments of Public Health and Computer Science, about including a Data Science course in their curriculum.
3) Contributing towards the development of Data Science curriculum at the K-12 level through discussion with other STEM major Chairs.

Curriculum & courses; Policy; Raising awareness; Interdisciplinary

Digital Promise

Digital Promise commits to support school and district leaders to establish system-wide K-12 computational thinking pathways, including a data science component, that support equitable participation in data science that is consistent across classrooms, cumulative from year to year, and competency-based by December 2022.

Guidance; Policy

ESTEEM: Enhancing Statistics And Data Science Teacher Education Through E-Modules

The Enhancing Statistics Teacher Education through E-Modules [ESTEEM] project commits to:
1) Having over 75 faculty use the ESTEEM curriculum materials with at least 1500 undergraduate or graduate-level teacher learners by December 2022.
2) Expanding teacher education curriculum materials to include a greater focus on data science and be applicable to teacher education for K-12 teacher learners, primarily in undergraduate teacher preparation courses, by August 2023.
3) Engaging at least 150 faculty or representatives from partner organizations in a data science and statistics teacher education networked improvement community by August 2025.

Professional development


Edmentum commits to:
1) Refresh and realign our content on a regular basis in an ongoing effort to ensure that we are providing students with the most up-to-date pedagogy and content possible.
2) Utilizing data science in our professional development practices and our product data visualizations for educators.

Curriculum & courses;
Professional development

Education Development Center, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center & MassBioEd Collaborative

The Education Development Center (EDC), Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and MassBioEd Collaborative for the MA Data Science Workforce Challenge commits to:
1) Forming a diverse Massachusetts Data Science Workforce Challenge advisory committee by July 1, 2021.
2) Raising $400,000 to develop a strategic plan to Create a Massachusetts Data Science Workforce that Looks Like America, focused on policy, education, and out-of-school programming by October 1, 2021.
3) Launching the Massachusetts Data Science Workforce Challenge Strategic Plan in mid-February 2022.

Raising Awareness;
Policy; Guidance


Eedi commits to starting a data science in education meetup in the United Kingdom by September 2021.

Raising awareness

Generation STEAM

Generation STEAM commits to increasing visibility of data science careers and professionals through expanded outreach and partnership engagement by June 2022.

Raising awareness

Global EdTech

Global EdTech commits to sharing information about the movement on our site and social media to help reach a global audience.

Raising awareness

Gulf Of Maine Research Institute

Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) commits to:
1) Providing data-rich informal learning experiences for approximately 9000 middle school youth annually.
2) Provide curriculum resources and professional learning experiences for approximately 300 teachers annually that support the integration of data science learning into middle school classrooms in the context of climate change investigations.
3) Providing public engagement events that allow the general public to have a positive, empowering experience with data and connect it to real world problem solving.

Learning activities & resources;
Raising awareness; Professional development

Hub For Innovation And Research In Statistics Education At The Friday Institute [HI-RiSE @ FI] at NC State University

The Hub for Innovation and Research in Statistics Education [HI-RiSE] commits to provide free on-demand high quality online professional learning experiences in the teaching and learning of statistics and data science for teachers in grades 6-12 and postsecondary settings, starting June 2021. The online professional learning will happen through two modules as part of Amplifying Statistics and Data Science in Classrooms.

Professional development

Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics commits to developing a high school data science course, intended as an alternative to Algebra II, by July 2023. This commitment is contingent on funding and the course would serve as a key component of an alternative pathway in high school mathematics preparing students for data-rich careers outside the usual STEM fields.

Curriculum & courses


JUMP Math commits to produce, by 2024, 20 fully digital lessons on data literacy (5 lessons per grade from grades 4 to 8) on collecting, representing, interpreting, and communicating data. We will also produce professional development to go with the lessons. The PD would cover the importance of data literacy, basic concepts in data literacy, cross curricular activities that complement the digital lessons and information about sites (like the Citizen Scientist Platform, iNaturalist and Social Explorer) that support data literacy.

Learning activities & resources;
Professional development

Khan Lab School

Khan Lab School commits to offer a data science course, and pilot innovative approaches to curriculum design.

Curriculum & courses

Learning Innovation And Technology Lab At Harvard GSE

The Learning Innovation and Technology Lab at Harvard GSE commits to making data science more engaging, meaningful and approachable to anyone by facilitating project-based learning through multimodal data collection.

Tools & software; Learning activities & resources


The MATHCOUNTS Foundation commits to increasing the number of resources supporting data science skills development by the end of 2022, including weekly math problems, mini lessons focusing on data science skills or a math club activity that centers on data science.

Learning activities & resources;
Student programs

Maryland State Department Of Education

Maryland State Department of Education commits to making an online Data Science course available to all Maryland High School students by the 2022-2023 school year.

Curriculum & courses

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell foundation, in partnership with the E3 Alliance and Dana Center at UT Austin, commits to creating and improving math pathways in a minimum of 13 school districts, representing 400,000 students, and four Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs), representing 120,000 students, across Central Texas by 2025.

Guidance; Policy; Raising awareness

Museum Of Science, Boston

The Museum of Science Boston commits to expanding access to data science education through the development of The Center for Data Science and Public Learning, a community platform dedicated to public science engagement. The Center for Data Science & Public Learning will be the public’s trusted resource for learning about and participating in the development and deployment of data science and AI technologies.

Learning activities & resources; Raising Awareness

National Writing Project

The National Writing Project commits to supporting students develop skills for engagement in civic and community life as well as for the new workplace and global economy.


New York Hall Of Science

The New York Hall of Science commits to expanding its Data Science for All (DS4ll) collaborative into schools and libraries by Spring 2022.

Learning activities & resources; Student programs

North Carolina School Of Science And Mathematics (NCSSM)

NCSSM commits to prepare students for data-intensive careers through several ambitious initiatives that are ongoing.

Curriculum & courses


Openscapes commits to mentoring ~30 research teams in open practices for data science and open data science advocacy by the end of 2021

Professional development


Podsie commits to provide data science curriculum on its platform by the end of 2021.

Curriculum & courses;
Tools & software

Quality Information Partners

Quality Information Partners (QIP) commits to developing a Data Skills Awareness Toolkit for school leaders, parents, students, and the general public for the 2021-22 school year that will comprise 6 to 9 products (such as infographics, videos, and social media messages) illustrating WHY developing data skills is crucial for 21st century success.

Raising awareness;


Renaissance, through its Experiential Learning Program in Data Research Methods, commits, by 2023, to:
1) more than triple enrollment
2) add two internship partner schools and ensure that all new partners meet the NCES criteria for high-poverty schools, and/or whose student body is composed of majority-minority students
3) establish school partnerships in multiple cities where Renaissance employees live or work in the US and abroad
4) release instructional resources as open educational resources (OERs)
5) provide a hosted site where graduates of the Renaissance Experiential Learning Program will publish their research projects for the general public

Learning activities & resources; Tools & software

SUNY Fredonia

The College of Education at the State University of New York at Fredonia commits to redesign the science methods courses in our teacher preparation courses to include data science and data literacy as a core teaching focus and strategy for our preservice teachers by the Fall 2021 semester.

Professional development

San Francisco 49ers & SAP

The 49ers and SAP commit to offer rich educational data science resources for K-12 students over the next year.

Learning activities & resources; Curriculum & courses

Speak Agent, Inc.

Speak Agent, Inc. commits to releasing a robust data set for the 2021-2022 school year to the learning sciences research community that will help the field better understand the impact of specific instructional strategies for building foundational data literacy knowledge within K-12 math courses (subject to data sharing agreements).

Open data sets


TNTP commits to:
1) Supporting policies that require data literacy as a graduation requirement in states.
2) Supporting adoption processes for high school courses that modernize the curriculum and incorporate elements of data science into courses across the disciplines.

Raising awareness;
Policy; Guidance


TechGirlz commits to providing free and open source data science curriculum to be utilized by anyone, anywhere and provide free, regular workshops to middle school girls across the globe.

Curriculum & courses

The Concord Consortium

The Concord Consortium commits to:
1) Serve as a catalyst collectively with other leading organizations and individuals to foster increased awareness, understanding and implementation of K-12 data science education among stakeholders ranging from teachers and students to researchers, resource developers, parents, policymakers and beyond.

2) Increasing understanding of best practices in K-12 data science education pedagogy, key K-12 data-related competencies for learners, and central design principles for technology and approaches fostering K-12 data fluency.

3) Supporting the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) as a free, open source resource for dynamic data exploration, and to expanding the community of CODAP users to include increasing numbers of curriculum developers, teachers, and learners worldwide.

Raising awareness; Tools & software

The Learning Agency Lab

The Learning Agency Lab commits to hosting high school interns to work on projects related to data science during the summer of 2021.

Student programs

The Tech Interactive

The Tech Interactive commits to providing resources that encourage students to explore data to solve real-world problems or assess problems within their community, nationally or globally.

Learning activities & resources; Interdisciplinary


Transcend commits to:
1) Supporting communities throughout the U.S. to develop learning environments that enable all young people to thrive. A key part of this is understanding the trends, fields, and technologies that are shaping the world that students must navigate and be prepared for. The growth and role of data science is essential to many of these trends.
2) Sharing others' materials related to the role of data science in school design with our network of schools throughout the U.S.

Guidance; Raising awareness


UCLA Data Science Initiative commits to supporting teachers across disciplines at both the middle and high school level by designing curriculum-agnostic and curriculum-specific data science professional development to be offered during summer sessions or throughout the school year by summer 2021.

Professional development

University Of Pennsylvania, Penn Center For Learning Analytics

The Penn Center for Learning Analytics at the University of Pennsylvania commits to offering 3 annual internships for high school students, targeting historically underrepresented learners, to participate in our work around data science by the end of 2022.

Student programs

VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.)

VHS Learning (VHS, Inc.) commits to offering online teacher-led statistic courses at three levels (Advanced Placement, Honors, and Standard) to more than 700 high schools in the 2021-2022 academic year, to expand the opportunity for students, especially those in underserved areas, to have access to data science education.

Curriculum & courses

WestEd A Not For Profit

WestEd, in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Education, commits to:
1) Enhance the data literacy of their supervisory unions through the delivery of nine webinar events and associated individual coaching sessions all focused on improving educators' capacity to know how to use data for continuous improvement.
2) Helping the Nevada Department of Education staff develop data literacy through REL West and the Region 15 Comprehensive Center.
3) Delivering webinars on culturally responsive data literacy to help LEAs and educator preparation programs understand the importance of using data effectively to meet the needs of all students, taking a whole child perspective and using an asset model.
4) Working with the Future for Privacy Forum on developing materials on data privacy and data ethics to serve as resources for educator preparation programs (both for teachers and leaders), for in-service professional development.
5) Conducting of workshops and dissemination strategies to bring awareness to and build capacity around data ethics, data privacy, and culturally responsive data literacy.
6) Developing a Teacher Data Fluency Framework, cases of classroom practice, and teacher professional learning modules that engage teachers in data-rich learning and help them overcome roadblocks in middle school students’ progression toward data fluency that will reach at least 40 teachers and at least 3,000 middle school students by the end of 2024.

Professional development;

Wolfram Research

Wolfram Research commits to:
1) Maintaining and updating free data science courses Visual Explorations in Data Science, Multiparadigm Data Science, and An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language in the Wolfram Cloud: and promoting them to educators for the next 3 years at least.
2) Maintaining and updating the free Wolfram Data Repository to provide a uniform system for storing data and making it immediately computable and useful.

Curriculum & courses;
Tools & software;

2Sigma School Inc.

2Sigma School commits to offering high-quality, instructor-led, credit-bearing online classes in Data Science to high-school students, directly through our website or integrated within the school schedule in partnership with high schools all across the US for the upcoming academic school year by August 2021.

Curriculum & courses


AMATYC commits to revising its current data science subcommittee of the AMATYC statistics committee to integrate Data Science into the new Academic Network (ANet) structure by the end of 2021.

Raising awareness

Area9 Lyceum

Area9 Lyceum commits to developing a personalized and adaptive conceptual introduction to data science for high school teachers by the summer of 2022.

Professional development

BSCS Science Learning

BSCS Science Learning commits to providing our 4-hour professional learning (PL) experience on data science education to 500 secondary teachers by the end of 2022.

Professional development

Biotechnology Institute

The Biotechnology Institute commits to exposing our student body to Data Science.

Curriculum & courses


BrainPOP commits to do teacher professional development and training on actionable data science by December 2021.

Professional development

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Carolina Biological commits to developing new or enhancing existing science supplemental products by 2023 that will offer K-16 students the experience and instruction in using data science.

Learning activities & resources

Charles River Media Group

The Learning Experience Design, Evaluation, and Consulting division at Charles River Media Group commits to write a blog post for schools that highlights resources for using data to drive decision-making for curating a better learning experience by Fall 2021.

Raising awareness

Computer-Based Maths

Computer-Based Maths commits to:
1) Maintaining and updating the free self-study problem-solving modules in data science for the next 2 years at least.
2) Building out a new site for students and teachers to access free projects to be tackled in data science and other fields with a target launch of September 2021.

Tools & software;
Learning activities & resources commits to launching a digital platform in 2021 that will provide access to resources, tools, technical assistance, and case studies to organizations and individuals working in data science for social impact.

Tools & software; Interdisciplinary

Dataspire Education & Evaluation, LLC

Dataspire commits to assist schools and districts with integrating data skills in coordinated and strategic ways across grade levels (grades 3-12) and/or across subject areas (science, math, social studies, English/language arts) during the 2021-22 school year.

Guidance; Interdisciplinary

Digital Age Academy Inc.

Digital Age Academy commits to provide data science education to high school students throughout its one-year online, project-based workforce and entrepreneurial development programs starting in August 2021.

Curriculum & courses

District Of Columbia Public Schools

DC Public Schools, in partnership with American University, commits to:
1) Enrolling a diverse group of schools and teachers in data science coursework for college or graduate school credit respectively.
2) Providing a teacher professional development workshop for up to 30 teachers to build teacher content knowledge around data science and R programming in July 2021.

Curriculum & courses;
Professional development

EdTech Recharge

EdTech Recharge commits to encouraging its clients (early and growth stage edtech entrepreneurs), as appropriate, to report actionable data back to stakeholders, particularly learners, within the tool embedding a culture of data-enhanced decision-making at every level.

Tools & software;
Raising awareness;

Educate Ventures Research

Educate Ventures Research commits to:
1) Providing free AI Readiness Training to all Edtech companies that join our London Based Research Accelerator programme.
2) Developing an online AI Readiness Training programme to be made available online at no cost to any educator within 1 year of making this commitment.

Professional development; Guidance

Education Trust-West

The Education Trust-West commits to providing recommendations to the CA Instructional Quality Commission to ensure that the data science chapter of the CA Math Framework (under revision) includes practices to ensure equitable access to high-quality data science learning opportunities for all students, by September 2021.


Epistemological Engineering (eeps media)

Epistemological Engineering (a.k.a. “eeps media”) commits to extending “Awash in Data,” an existing, evolving, free online resource for data science education by 31 December 2021. We will incorporate additional classroom-tested assignments that go beyond the first introductory activities present in the original e-book. The result will contain enough material to form the backbone of a semester-long course of study.

Learning activities & resources

Georgia State University

Georgia State University (GSU) commits to producing and delivering self-paced, online courses that provide micro-credentials in data science to pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers, locally and nationally - and with a curriculum that demonstrates the value and relevance of data literacy concepts across STEM, social science, business, and humanities disciplines, and that prepares teachers to share these concepts with their students in middle school and beyond.

Professional development


Gooru commits to bringing together three school districts and showing them how they can use data from their existing practices with tools and content to locate all learners for their knowledge, mindsets, and citizenship for each competency, and generate real-time actionable insights for key stakeholders so they may coordinate to accelerate outcomes, by end of the school year 2021-2022. Gooru will grow the number of school districts that are using this approach from three to twenty over three years.



HarvardX commits to offer a range of online, introductory data science classes, and to offer discounts to younger learners for courses like Data Science Ready.

Curriculum & courses


IBM commits to offering all of our data science and related topics coursework for students and educators on our Open P-TECH/IBM SkillsBuild for Students platform free on the Data Science for Everyone marketing pages and related collateral by June 1st, 2021.

Curriculum & courses;
Learning activities & resources;
Tools & software

InSTEP: Invigorating Statistics And Data Science Teacher Education Through Professional Learning

The Invigorating Statistics and Data Science Teaching Through Professional Learning [InSTEP] project commits to provide high quality online professional learning experiences in the teaching and learning of statistics and data science for (primarily) mathematics teachers in grades 6-12 through personalizing teachers’ learning options, starting March 2022.

Professional development

Just Equations

Just Equations commits to:
1) Conducting and disseminating policy analysis related to graduation requirements, K12 standards, college admissions requirements, and other policies relevant to adoption of and equitable access to K-12 data science pathways on an ongoing basis.
2) Engaging state and national policymakers, education leaders, associations, commissions, and equity advocates by hosting and participating in webinars and events to increase awareness of K-12 data science pathway opportunities and support for implementing them in equitable ways as an ongoing effort.

Policy; Guidance; Raising awareness

King Chavez Neighborhood Of Schools

The Intro to Data Sciences classes at King Chavez Community High School commit to embarking on a data science exploration where students will ask questions, collect data, analyze findings, and communicate them by June 2022.

Curriculum & courses

Learning Science Weekly

Learning Science Weekly commits to supporting DSE through newsletters, podcasts, and social media posts by December 31, 2021.

Raising awareness

Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance

MMSA commits to:
1) Curating a set of age-appropriate resources to guide students conducting data science projects for the science fair by November 15, 2021.
2) Creating materials and professional learning opportunities for grades 3-8 teachers to integrate computational thinking, specifically computational data analysis, with our existing student-driven, citizen science platform, Weatherblur throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Learning activities & resources; Professional development; Tools & software


MassMutual is a founding company of Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Future of Data, Trust, and Privacy initiative (FOD). The goal of this initiative is to shape data use through appropriate governance. This action will combine the resources of MIT and the founding companies to influence policy change and continue to ignite the conversation around data and proper data privacy and purpose.

Raising awareness;


Microsoft commits to contributing to the Data Science for Everyone campaign and supporting data literacy as a critical 21st century technical skill.

Raising awareness


NWEA commits to creating and supporting a data science challenge for high school students during the 2021-2022 academic year. As well as providing organizational capacity, an educational dataset, connections to mentors, judging projects, awarding prizes, and host a virtual or in-person awards event.

Student programs


NetApp commits to empowering teens to discover and develop critical data science skills, preparing them to thrive and take action in a data-driven world. We are committed to raising awareness of and advocate for the importance of data science education starting at a young age.

Learning activities & resources; Raising awareness


Newsela commits to hosting a webinar to empower educators to integrate data literacy into daily instruction with interactive data literacy platform Tuva Labs and educators using Newsela by December 1, 2021.

Professional development

North Carolina State University

The North Carolina State University Data Science Academy commits to designing and delivering five new one-credit data science courses by December 31, 2021.

Curriculum & courses

Partners In Data Literacy

Partners in Data Literacy commits to publish a draft reference table of data skills by grade bands, primarily for K-12 teachers in any discipline, on the website by June 16, 2021.

Guidance; Interdisciplinary

Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools commits to exploring a pilot of a Data Science course in some or all of our high schools and providing professional learning opportunities for teachers by 2022 as the State of Oregon revises its mathematics standards.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development


Quorum commits to creating and evaluating data science tools and curriculum that are accessible and take into account the needs of learners with disabilities by 2022.



Riiid commits to share its EdNet dataset of student-system interactions collected by the firm’s multi-platform AI tutoring service by April 30th, 2021.

Open data sets

San Diego County Office Of Education

San Diego County Office of Education commits to incorporating Data Science learning into CTE, Math and Computer Science courses and providing support for Data Science at the district level.

Curriculum & courses; Policy

San Marcos Unified School District

SMUSD commits to:
1) Offering a Data Science course at both high schools in the school year 2021-2022 as a 3rd year mathematics course.
2) Taking every opportunity to educate the community about data science and its connection to post-secondary life.

Curriculum & courses; Raising awareness

Stanford University

youcubed commits to:
1) Conduct research on initial year rollout of data science curriculum to inform implementation in future years.
2) Release teacher professional development videos, featuring classroom sessions filmed during the 2021-22 school year, by summer 2022.
3) Release a high school data science curriculum, with California A-G approval, by summer 2021.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development


Tableau commits to providing Licenses, E-Learning, and Ready Made Curriculum for free to Instructors/Teachers whose goal is to teach Tableau to their students in all disciplines, hosting webinars and workshops, writing blogs and articles, and engaging in committee work.

Tools & software; Learning activities & resources; Raising awareness

The AI Education Project

The AI Education Project commits to creating a standalone lesson plan for non-STEM high school/middle school teachers to implement in their classrooms beginning in Fall 2021, which will help students develop a conceptual understanding of what data is, the ways data is captured to power AI systems in various industries and jobs, and how to interrogate the ethical uses of data by companies and platforms.

Learning activities & resources; Interdisciplinary

The Data Literacy through the Arts team from New York University, the Educational Development Center, and Fordham University

The Data Literacy through the Arts team from New York University, the Educational Development Center, and Fordham University, commits to developing and testing at least four arts- and math-integrated units by July 2022, which will promote middle school students' data literacy, and build the capacity of teachers from across domains to support data literacy.

Learning activities & resources; Professional development; Interdisciplinary

The Pearl Dream, Inc.

DreamGalaxy commits to leverage data stories to engage students, parents and educators on the power of culturally relevant educational media and experiences for lifelong learning and ethical or inclusive leadership starting 2021 over 10 years.

Raising awareness

The University Of Chicago

The University of Chicago Data Science Program at The College commits to expanding our Major and Minor academic programming in collaboration with local community colleges in the Chicago area to help expand access to quality learning in data science.

Curriculum & courses


Tuva commits to make our interactive, easy-to-use, data, graphing, and statistical tools accessible for all students, including those with various learning disabilities, by August 31, 2021.

Learning activities & resources;
Tools & software


UPchieve commits to recruiting 100 additional Statistics tutors by the end of 2021.

Learning activities & resources

University of Tennessee, Knoxville

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, commits to beginning an educational data science graduate certificate program that will be open to enrollment by 08/01/2022.

Curriculum & courses

Vidya Community High School

Vidya Community High School commits to offering data science exposure to our learners through our STEM Project Based Learning (PBL) approach.

Curriculum & courses

What If Math At Sustainablearning, Inc

What if Math at Sustainablearning, Inc commits to adding 11 more Explorations to the 7 now available by the end of 2021.

Tools & software;
Learning activities & resources

Women In Data

Women in Data commits to developing an engaging data literacy education program for secondary school students (7th-12th grade) with initial pilot in the 2021-2022 school year.

Student programs;
Learning activities & resources

95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group commits to launching a new set of structured literacy products to be used with a district’s core curriculum, 95 Phonics Core ProgramTM.

Additionally, Dr. Susan Hall, author of I’ve DIBEL’d Now What, commits to build teachers’ data literacy skills by creating new job-embedded training resources to support assessment-driven, differentiated early literacy instruction by Fall 2021.

Curriculum & Courses;
Professional development


ASSISTments commits to:
1) Publishing an op-ed on the importance of data science education and data literacy training in the middle and HS math curriculum in Fall 2021.
2) Publicly releasing large educational data sets via its upcoming E-TRIALS platform.
3) Hosting a data science curricula on the ASSISTments platform or building modules for teachers to cover the same standards using their existing curriculum with a data science lens (funding dependent).

Raising awareness; Open data sets; Tools & software

Arkansas Department Of Education

The Arkansas Department of Education Office of Computer Science commits to supporting the successful implementation of our newly created, and Arkansas State Board of Education approved, Data Science courses and three year pathway.

Curriculum & courses; Policy

BiFrost Bridge Studios

BiFrost Bridge Studios commits to collaborating to bring our data science animation series to YouTube by August 1st, 2021.

Raising awareness


Blackboard commits to offer a free, self-paced course on Introducing Learning Analytics.

Curriculum & courses

Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning commits to releasing datasets from MATHia and other educational software products.

Open data sets

Center For RISC At The University Of Chicago

The Center for RISC at the University of Chicago commits to creating and hosting a centralized hub of relevant, exciting, trendy, and education-ready datasets for educators to use in the classroom across school subjects.

Open data sets; Interdisciplinary

College Board

The College Board, through its Advanced Placement Program, commits to retain a focus on data analysis in Pre-AP and AP science, social studies, and mathematics courses and exams, while also incorporating project-based learning data science tasks into select AP subjects.

Curriculum & courses; Interdisciplinary


CourseKata commits to the following by the end of 2022:
1) Ramping up current teacher training program to reach 500 teachers and 25,000 students.
2) Building Data Science II to complete two-year high school data science course sequence.
3) Engaging 10 R&D teams to exploit CourseKata data and platform to improve student learning of data science.
4) Making CourseKata’s open-source Jupyter hosting platform (called nbteach) available to the data science education community.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development; Tools & software


DataCamp commits to providing free Professional access to its online learning platform to all US high school teachers and their students effective immediately via DataCamp for Classrooms. Furthermore, DataCamp commits to providing the same free access to all high school, college, and university teachers and their students around the world by August 1, 2022.

Curriculum & courses;
Tools & software


By 2022, Deepnote commits to providing affordable data science tools for students and educators worldwide, as well as supporting educational institutions in developing data literacy and data science programs.

Tools & Software;
Curriculum & courses

Digital Futures Institute, Teachers College Columbia University

The Digital Futures Institute at Teachers College Columbia University commits to creating educational media concerning the application of data science to education.

Raising awareness

Division Of Computing Data Science And Society At UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley's Division of Computing, Data Science, and Society commits to evaluating a pilot of Data Science Curriculum at Community Colleges and advanced High Schools in order to further scale to a broader set of community college and high schools instructors and courses by July 2023.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development, an education design collaborative, commits to supporting Data Science for Everyone by (1) signing petitions, (2) messaging support via our Twitter account, and (3) offering a free Data Literacy course through our website no later than August 30, 2021.

Raising awareness;
Curriculum & courses

Education Development Center (EDC)

The Education Development Center (EDC) commits to:
1) Promoting a coordinated response to the need for computer science opportunities for all students, with a focus on those most underrepresented in STEM, by documenting and broadcasting a data science learning timeline that extends from preK to postsecondary settings by July 2021.
2) Documenting and broadcasting learning trajectories for each grade or grade band (preK, elementary, middle school, high school/community college) by August 2021.
3) Developing a guidance document for educators seeking information about how to engage with data science, including grade-specific information about EDC programs available by October 2021.
4) Working with school-based partners across EDC programs to review and ensure the relevance of a guidance document that will be freely available to download by December 2021.


Educational Testing Service

Ed Dieterle and Chris Dede, of the Educational Testing Service, commit to publishing a blog on the cyclical effects of ethical decisions involving big data and digital learning platforms by September 30, 2021.

Raising awareness

Foundation For Excellence In Education

The Foundation for Excellence in Education commits to:
1) Launching a policy campaign and developing resources such as a 50 state landscape analysis to spur policy change and/or influence the narrative.
2) Hosting a strategy session or keynote at ExcelinEd's National Summit in Orlando, FL in November 2021.
3) Introducing data science to members of ExcelinEd's Innovation Network.

Raising awareness;

Getting Smart

The Getting Smart team commits to continuing to write and speak about the importance of data science in the k-12 curriculum at least monthly.

Raising awareness

Great Oaks Foundation

Great Oaks Foundation commits to building the capacity of teacher teams at Great Oaks New York City and Great Oaks Bridgeport to use our integrated data system to make informed decisions in service of improving outcomes for young people by June 2022.

Professional development

Headwaters Science Institute

Headwaters Science Institute commits to continuing to incorporate the importance of data science and related techniques into all of our student programs, including the upcoming Headwaters Research Experience beginning in June 2021.

Student programs

IEEE IC Industry Consortium On Learning Engineering.

IEEE Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE) commits to define data science competencies in a learning engineering competency framework by the end of 2021.


Indiana Department Of Education

The Indiana Department of Education commits to exploring appropriate areas for the inclusion of data science into K-12 computer science pathways, mathematics pathways, and/or other academic pathways by summer 2022.


Katabasis, Inc.

Katabasis, Inc. commits to do the participatory design of two game-based learning environments with a heavy focus on data literacy with over 100 low SES students in rural NC by August 2022.

Learning activities & resources

KungFu Math commits to input 10 questions from the domain of data science for grades 1 to 6 into’s question bank monthly for at least the next 12 months to be made available for practice for its users.

Learning activities & resources

Linked Learning Alliance

Linked Learning Alliance commits to introducing data science to the Linked Learning field, identifying 3-5 Linked Learning districts in California interested in getting cross-disciplinary teams of pathway teachers trained in data science, and collaborating with these districts to integrate data science courses into the pathway program of study and interdisciplinary project-based learning by June 30, 2023. We hope specifically to impact low-income students, students of color, special education students, English language learners, and foster youth.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development; Interdisciplinary

Marti, Koç University

Marti, the K-12 data literacy tool, commits to accelerating its impact in disadvantaged areas with the aim of increasing access to an easy-to-learn and code environment that can encourage students to discuss SDG topics in a data-driven way.

Tools & software; Interdisciplinary


Mathigon commits to developing an interactive and personalised data science course for middle-school students by October 2021.

Curriculum & courses

MindHive At New York University

The MindHive team based at New York University commits to incorporating data analysis and visualization tools into its online citizen science platform that will support high school students in analyzing data and generating findings from student-scientist designed studies into human brain and behavior, by 2023.

Tools & Software

National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation (NSF) commits to supporting a Data Science Education Town Hall bridging K-12 and higher education, cutting across disciplines, and emphasizing equity issues.

Raising awareness;

New Solutions K12

New Solutions K12 commits to developing or researching best practices for facilitating students with special needs to master data science by December 31 2021


Non-profit PhysioQ

PhysioQ commits to providing an online platform that supports health and data science information dissemination to both the research community as well as the general public by August 1, 2021.

Tools & software; interdisciplinary


OpenSciEd commits to releasing a free science curriculum aligned to the NGSS.

Curriculum & courses; Interdisciplinary

PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations commits to launching a new initiative to develop sims and sim-based instructional materials to support learning and engagement in data science, and to disseminate the collection as open educational resources.

Learning activities & resources


QoreInsights commits to
1) Inviting school districts interested to pilot our Classroom Education Plan (CEP) that provides PD on strategies that facilitate student data science literacy in the 2021-22 school year.
2) Offering webinars on how to understand and mitigate potential bias in AI powered educational products immediately.

Professional development; Guidance

RecapCS - Carnegie Mellon University

RecapCS commits to engaging with 100 high school STEAM+CS teachers across the United States by June 2022 and inviting them to connect with each other using its virtual community of practice, partnering with data science professional development providers to create an online network of interdisciplinary education professionals.

Professional development

SAS Institute Inc.

SAS commits to building and delivering a platform, SAS® DataFly, for collecting and visualizing data by the end of 2021. This free resource offers a fun and engaging way to explore data with students in real time, where students respond to teacher-created polls and instantly see their responses populate a data visualization, such as a bar chart, histogram or scatterplot.

Learning activities & resources; Tools & software

San Diego Unified School District

The San Diego Unified School District commits to:
1) Offering Data Science courses to grades 11 and 12 (2020-21 and forward).
2) Challenge and empower both existing and emerging pathways to career and college readiness by increasing access and opportunities to more upper level mathematics courses for all students.
3) Implementing introductory mathematical modeling using Data Science in grades 6-10 (21-22).
4) Expanding to PreK-5 (22-23)
Our hope is to secure funding for a TK-12 resource teacher position (21-22) to design and implement professional learning opportunities for educators and administrators, foster family outreach, design curriculum, and align the work to post-secondary education expectations.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development

Sequoia Union High School District

SUHSD commits to piloting a new data science course next year and making data science courses available to all students who are interested.

Curriculum & courses


TERC, an educational R&D non-profit, commits to continued and increased work on five data science education projects including curriculum development, scaling and dissemination, educator training, software development, and research and publication with a large number of partners.

Curriculum & courses; Tools & software; Professional development


TeacherPrints commits to developing a tool that can help at least 1000 teachers and teacher trainers improve their students' content mastery by mid-2022.

Tools & software

The Agnes Irwin School

The Agnes Irwin School commits to providing three professional development sessions on data literacy and data science for faculty and staff during the 2021-2022 school year.

Professional development

The Data Lodge, Inc.

The Data Lodge and CEO Valerie Logan commit to engage with the Data Science for Everyone (DSE) coalition on the scoping and framing of the Data Literacy strategy underpinning DSE.


The Reboot Foundation

The Reboot Foundation commits to help elevate the need for better data science education by featuring the topic in a column authored by the foundation’s president and CEO, Helen Lee Bouygues to be published in a national media outlet by September 2021.

Raising awareness

Thinking Media / Learning Blade

Thinking Media commits to introduce over 50,000 students to data science careers using the Learning Blade STEM and Computer Science career exploration system during the 2021-22 school year.

Learning activities & resources

UC San Diego Extension

UC San Diego Extension commits to showcasing program offerings in data science via our UC San Diego Sally Ride Science Junior Academy courses and certificate and teacher and professional development offerings this coming summer, fall, and winter terms.

Curriculum & courses; Professional development

University Of Florida Lastinger Center For Learning

The Lastinger Center for Learning commits to:
1) Incorporating attention to data science within the Math Matrix teacher professional development program for grades 6-12 educators by July, 2022.
2) Making deidentified data about professional learning and student learning in our digital applications available for data science, including public datasets, by July, 2023.
3) Through a new team focused on data and research, sharing our data science work publicly, including through scholarship, by July 2022.

Professional Development; Open data sets; Raising awareness