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DS4E Community Standards

Mission & Purpose

Data Science 4 Everyone is a coalition advancing data science education so that every K-12 student is equipped with the data literacy skills needed to succeed in our modern world. Equitable access to data science education is an opportunity to open doors to higher education, high-paying careers, and an engaged community. 


We at DS4E believe everyone belongs in the data future and that healthy debate is productive and beneficial. We welcome coalition members from all walks of life and those with diverse viewpoints. To ensure robust and supportive participation in the organization as a whole and in DS4E events, all participants and organizational leadership will be held to a Code of Conduct that creates an environment of respect, inclusion, and effective communication.

Standards of Behavior

In order to ensure DS4E activities—including events, monthly meetings, support groups, and online communities like Slack—remain supportive and positive, all participants, speakers, and staff will be held to the following standards of behavior. 

To support productive conversation and engaging debate, the following behaviors are encouraged:

  • Understand and value different opinions

  • Be inclusive and supportive of diverse perspectives

  • Be respectful and polite

  • Maintain professionalism and respect in all DS4E communities (events, Slack, and monthly meetings)

  • Welcome all coalition members, including those who are new to data science or data education

Coalition members and staff should not engage in the following behaviors or other activities that create a hostile environment:​

  • Inform DS4E staff of Code of Conduct violations

  • Any form of harassment or discrimination

  • Engaging in bullying or personal attacks

  • Using slurs or offensive language 

  • Intimidating other community members

  • Providing materials without recognition of appropriate copyright/permissions


DS4E values the engagement of every member of our community. If you have experienced a violation to this Code of Conduct, we encourage you to first contact the person who is in charge of that particular space or event (e.g. event staff during a virtual event). 


If this is not sufficient to resolve the behavior in the moment or you feel like additional reporting would be beneficial, we encourage you to submit an anonymous report of the violation.

Consequences & Resolution 

DS4E seeks to resolve episodes of conflict quickly and in ways where everyone feels supported and included. However, some behaviors may result in more direct consequences, including:


  • Being asked to stop negative behavior immediately

  • Being removed from events 

  • Being denied entry to future events

  • Removal from DS4E Slack channels, mailing lists, or other coalition activities

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