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DS4E Commitments Event 2022

Preparing All Students for a
Data Science Future


1-3PM ET: Conversations & Commitments
3-4PM ET: Networking


Event Overview

The 2022 DS4E Commitments Event will bring together a core group of leaders in policy, philanthropy, industry, and data science education in a virtual conversation and community-building opportunity dedicated to Preparing All Students for a Data Science Future.

Data science roles are in high demand...

Despite an annual increase of 35%, over 60% of companies express difficulty in filling these roles because of severe talent shortages. To help expand data science education and equip students with the skills they need for real-world career success, this event will focus on:

The importance of growing a strong and equitable talent pipeline for data science from the K-12 level

Implementation models for making change happen with examples of successful policy action at the district, state and federal level 

During the convening we will...

  • Hear major Commitment announcements from key change-makers on high-impact actions taking place in the field

  • Discuss the policy actions and implementation methods we are seeing across the country to prepare students for data science careers

  • Network in small groups based on core topics of interest in data science education, facilitated by experts in the field

The Coalition

About the Coalition

Data Science for Everyone is a coalition advancing data science education so that every K-12 student is equipped with the data literacy skills needed to succeed in our modern world. Equitable access to data science education is an opportunity to open doors to higher education, high-paying careers, and an engaged community.


Event Agenda

1-1:05 PM ET

Welcome Remarks on the DS4E Coalition

Steve Levitt, Author, Freakonomics & Kumar GargManaging Director and Head of Partnerships, Schmidt Futures

1:05-1:15 PM ET

Opening Keynote

Dr. Dominique Duval-Diop

U.S. Deputy Chief Data Scientist, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy 

1:15-1:50 PM ET

Panel Session

Building a Strong & Equitable Data Science Talent Pipeline.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics considers data literacy to be one of the most in demand skills over the next decade, yet 60% of companies report difficulties filling positions and finding talent. To bridge this gap, we need strong and equitable talent pipelines that prioritize data literacy. Join this conversation to hear from policymakers and other key actors on how they are rethinking workforce readiness in K-12 education and expanding CTE programs and other opportunities.

Panelists: Josh Elder, Siegel Family Endowment; Lydia Logan, IBM; Brandeis Marshall, DataedX GroupAnthony Owen, Arkansas Department of Education

1:55-2:05 PM ET

Commitment Announcements

Kumar Garg

Managing Director and Head of Partnerships, Schmidt Futures

2:05-2:40 PM ET

Panel Session

Implementing Change in States & Districts

We know that prioritizing K-12 data science education will expand access to higher education, higher paying jobs, and deeper community engagement. But how do we actually make this happen and what can we learn from efforts in data science and related fields? Join this panel to discuss implementation models and policy actions - from standards to pathways to workforce readiness and partnerships - that can help advance data science education nationally.

Panelists: Lizzette Reynolds, ExcelinEd; McKenzie Snow, Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of VirginiaBill Tucker, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Adanna Ukah, Grow with Google

2:40-2:50 PM ET

Closing Keynote

Saul Perlmutter

Professor of Physics; Director, Berkeley Institute for Data Science

2:50-3:00 PM ET

Call to Action

Video Remarks from Senator Alex Padilla

3:00-4:00 PM ET

Networking Tracks for:



We're excited to be hosting discussions with experts across policy, philanthropy, and education. Learn more about our speakers by clicking their images below. 

Featuring our Keynote Speakers:

Dominique head shot.jpg

Dr. Dominique Duval-Diop
Deputy Chief Data Scientist of the United States
White House Office of Science & Technology Policy

SaulBlackboardPortraitPhoto - Nicole Pagano.jpg

Saul Perlmutter
Professor of Physics & Director

Berkeley Institute for Data Science

with Video Remarks from: 


Senator Alex Padilla
U.S. Senator for California
United States Senate

Additional Featured Voices: 

Melodie-Baker head shot (1) (1) - Melodie Baker.png

Melodie Baker

National Policy Director
Just Equations

b831d2f7_smsize - Kristin Hunter-Thomson.jpeg

Kristin Hunter-Thomson

Director & Founder
Dataspire Education & Evaluation LLC

2021_11_15_SiegalFamilyEndowment_JoshElder_Studio_0901 - Joshua Elder.jpg

Joshua Elder

Director & Head of Grantmaking
Siegel Family Endowment

Steve Levitt.jpg

Steve Levitt


Kumar Garg.jpg

Kumar Garg

Managing Director and Head of Partnerships
Schmidt Futures

Lydia Logan - Nalini Solanki.jpg

Lydia Logan

VP Global Education and Workforce Development

BrandeisMarshall-Professional - Brandeis Marshall.jpg

Dr. Brandeis Marshall

DataedX Group

Mojica - Gemma Mojica.jpg

Gemma Mojica

Research Scholar
NC State University

AO_EQ4V7887 - Anthony Owen.jpg

Anthony Owen

State Director of Computer Science
Arkansas Department of Education

Lizzette Reynolds Headshot - Heather Slager.jpg

Lizzette Reynolds

Vice President of Policy

Snow_headshot (1).jpg

McKenzie Snow

Deputy Secretary of Education
Office of the Governor, Commonwealth of Virginia

Bill Tucker Headshot 1-High Res - Bill Tucker.jpg

Bill Tucker

Senior Advisor, Education Pathways
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

AU headshot - Adanna Ukah.png

Adanna Ukah

Partnerships Lead
Grow with Google

Mark Zachar - Mark Zachar (1).jpg

Mark Zachar

Lead Program Manager, Data Science Talent Ecosystem
Northwestern Mutual 

Steve, Lydia, Brandeis
Josh, Kumar, Kristin
Gemma, Antony, Lizzette
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Event Recordings

2022 DS4E Commitments Event

DS4E Commitments Event 2022
DS4E Commitments Event 2022
Play Video

DS4E Commitments Event 2022

2022 Commitments Video Showcase feat. Student Voices
Play Video

2022 Commitments Video Showcase feat. Student Voices

Video Remarks with Senator Alex Padilla
Play Video

Video Remarks with Senator Alex Padilla


These organizations shared their commitments during the live event!

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fas logo.png

Did you participate in the 2022 Commitments Event and have an exciting update to share? Share it with us using the form below!

Commitment Updates
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