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The Data Science for Everyone coalition is always looking for opportunities to share! Keep checking back here for updates. 

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Teaching Data

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Research Proposals

Rapid Response Research (RAPID) proposals on the use and teaching of AI in K-12 education

NSF invites researchers to submit Rapid Response Research (RAPID) proposals for time-sensitive research including, but not limited to:

- Developing AI tools and environments to advance age-appropriate equitable learning and inclusive teaching;
- Supporting learning about and interest in AI;
- Using AI to teach AI; and,
- Integrating generative AI in education in an ethical, responsible, and effective way.

Requests for RAPID proposals may be for up to $200K and up to one year in duration.

For more information, take a look at the Dear Colleague letter linked below.

Provided By:

National Science Foundation (NSF)


Professional Learning

InSTEP: Free personalized professional learning

InSTEP is a new way to offer personalized professional learning to support teachers and instructional coaches in developing expertise in teaching statistics and data science and grades 6-12. With InSTEP you can:

- Personalize learning to meet your professional needs through customized recommendations, collaborative spaces, and choice of learning modules and microcredentials.
- Build your skills in data investigations and innovative teaching approaches based on practices of data professionals and research on students’ learning with data.
- Expand your professional collection of resources and technology vetted by experts in statistics and data science education.
- Earn certificates to apply to CEUs.

Provided By:

NC State University, College of Education


Skill building

DataCamp Donates

DataCamp Donates is providing access to free data science training opportunities worth over $399 USD!

DataCamp offers over 410 courses on the latest technologies, practice exercises to sharpen your skills, assessments to test your knowledge on the subject matter, and projects that stem from real world queries. You'll even get access to extra features like Workspace, Certification, and Jobs!

DataCamp is committed to providing data training and bridging the skill gap. K-12 educators are the primary target applicants for this program, though anyone may apply.

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