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Challenge for schools: Be A Fact-ivist! 

We’re very excited to be working with World’s Largest Lesson, a global education program working in partnership with UNICEF and UNESCO, to launch the World's Largest Lesson Fact-ivist Poster Challenge! 


Starting  January 24th- International Day of Education – and running until Open Data Day on March 2nd, we're inviting you to join World's Largest Lesson and students around the world and become a ‘fact-ivist’ using data for change! Be A Fact-ivist! is a free online platform inviting students to research data on the SDGs (sustainable development goals as outlined by the UN here) and then share the posters they create based on a fact of their choice, because data is the first step to action! 

You can see the full online gallery of Fact-ivist posters here (the platform is available in English, Arabic, Spanish and French) and check out some examples of posters below. 

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What is the Fact-ivism Poster Challenge?



The challenge to students is simple: What do you love about education?

What needs to change? Use data to support your argument and bring it to

life creatively – then share it with the world!

Students are invited to create a data poster focused on Goal 4 of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals , Quality Education and using an SDG data

fact that they care about (for example:  55% of students surveyed in the Transforming Education Survey reported they want to develop more data


Students and teachers can then upload posters directly to the website here.

The Worlds Largest Lesson team will then share the posters on their social media and with education decision-makers, to make change happen.

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What is the deadline to submit a poster? 

Students are invited to begin submitting posters on International Day of Education, January 24, 2024. Submissions close on Open Data Day, March 2, 2024. 


Are there lesson plan materials available to teachers who want to use the Fact-ivist Challenge in their classroom?  

Yes! Teachers can find a full lesson plan including instructions and examples at this link. 


Where can students find the data they need to create their posters? 

Students can find data related to the UN's Global Goals here. 

How many posters can one school/ student submit? 

As many as you want! If your school shares over 100 cards, let us know You’ll be entered into a draw to win some fun Global Goals display merchandise and dispay materials for your school!




More context

Why is the challenge focused on using data? 

By teaching your students how to work with data, you can empower them to become ‘fact-ivists’ and use information to make change! In doing so, you are helping them develop data literacy, a crucial skill for the modern world and achieving the UN's Global Goals.

Last year, the World's Largest Lesson surveyed over 37,000 students across 150 countries asking their thoughts on education and what they would like to see change. The Transforming Education Report, created from that survey, revealed that over 55% of students want to develop more data skills








Further Questions

If you have questions about anything not covered on this page, please reach out to

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