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Commitments Campaign

The Data Science for Everyone coalition is advancing data literacy and K-12 data science education. This spring, industry leaders, schools and universities, policymakers, funders, and individuals joined our Commitments Campaign - and committed to action so that all students have the opportunity to gain data science skills. 

On June 28th from 12pm - 4pm ET, we will host a public virtual event to highlight the importance of access to data science in K-12 schools. The event will showcase high impact commitments and welcome new actors interested in joining the coalition.

They're in.

Are you?


Check back soon for the full Commitments Guide to see how coalition-members are taking action.

Why commitments?

Commitments Process


Phase 1: Call for Commitments

The Call for Commitments ran from March 15-May 16th, 2021. Join us next year or see below for other ways to get involved.

This spring, the DSE coalition launched a Commitments Campaign to help advance data science education, welcoming diverse stakeholders to take action around the importance of data literacy.

We received commitments from universities, districts, policymakers and organizations like:

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Individuals like:

Victor Lee

Professor, Graduate School
of Education, Stanford University

Victor commits to spearheading a pre-service teacher education course on teaching data science across disciplines.

Shiri Mund

Learning Sciences Doctoral Student, New York University 

Shiri commits to conducting her doctoral research on how students and adults think about data in order to support data literacy educational pathways.

Chris Garrigues

Math Teacher, Pendleton High School

Chris commits to presenting  at the Oregon Math Leaders' conference on the new data science standards and resources and curricula that schools can use. 

Making a commitment is a great way to showcase existing work advancing data science education or to take the first steps, stepping up publicly as part of a growing national campaign.


Phase 2: Commitments Event (June 28, 2021)

On June 28th from 12pm - 4pm ET, we will launch the next phase of Data Science for Everyone with a virtual, public event to discuss topics in data science education, network with coalition-members and welcome new actors.

Join us to learn from keynote speakers, featuring Eric Schmidt of Schmidt Futures, learn more about the innovations and opportunities coming out of the coalition-members, and celebrate forthcoming action.

Phase 3: Take Action and Grow the Coalition.

The DSE coalition is launching its next phase as a growing a national campaign to achieve system-wide policy and programmatic changes that expand access to data science education.


We will:

  • Host regular convenings to build strong networks

  • Elicit and develop resources to support implementation and teacher training

  • Engage policymakers at all levels

  • Establish shared understanding of data literacy as a necessary 21st century skill - for everyone.


Our vision is to grow the coalition into a dynamic community and elevate the importance of data literacy for every student and future citizen.


Why now?

We need action to elevate data science education now, because the barriers are multifold.

Demand for data science education is dependent on action from multiple actors

States, districts and universities all have a role to play in driving demand - via policy, graduation and admissions requirements and available coursework.

Schools need instructional resources and technology

High-quality curriculum materials are sparse, and many schools do not have the computers or networks necessary to run powerful data applications.

Data science education is often misunderstood.

Data science is not only for technical roles like statisticians or machine learning experts. The reality is, anyone who interprets, visualizes, or communicates with data is using data science skills.

Teachers need preparation and professional development

Few teacher preparation programs teach data science to prospective math teachers, and few  professional development programs offer it to teachers of any subject.

Leadership Circle

The Data Science for Everyone coalition is supported by leaders across industry, higher education, schools, government, and the field of data science. We would like to thank our Leadership Circle for their support.

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