The Data Science for Everyone coalition aims to advance data literacy and K-12 data science education. Our Commitments campaign calls upon industry leaders, schools and universities, policymakers, funders, and individuals to commit to action so that all students have the opportunity to gain data science skills. 

Why should you make a commitment?


Making a commitment is a great way to showcase your existing work advancing data science education or to take the first steps. You will step up publicly as part of a growing momentum towards systemic change that prepares all students with the skills necessary in the modern economy.

No matter your stage of ideation, you can submit a commitment idea. Built into the Commitments process are pathways to connect commitment makers to the resources and partners that will spur action.

Organizations & Public Entities

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The Call for Commitments is open through May 16, 2021. The virtual Commitments Event will take place on June 28, 2021.

They're in. Are you?


What could a commitment look like for you?

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As an organization, funder or company

As a school or district

As an institute of higher education

As a policymaker (state or federal)

Why now?

We need action to elevate data science education now, because the barriers are multifold.

Demand for data science education is dependent on action from multiple actors

States, districts and universities all have a role to play in driving demand. If state standards prioritize data science and post-secondary institutions count it towards a math requirement, demand for coursework will be reflected at the K-12 level.

Data science education is often misunderstood.

Many believe that data science is a technical skill, only for statisticians or machine learning experts. But the reality is data literacy is a skill for all. Anyone in any role who interprets, visualizes, or communicates data is leveraging data science skills — and the approach goes well beyond math. 

Schools need instructional resources and technology

High-quality curriculum materials are sparse, and many schools do not have the computers or networks necessary to run powerful data applications.

Teachers need preparation and professional development

Few teacher preparation programs teach data science to prospective math teachers, and few  professional development programs offer it  to teachers of any subject.


Pathways & Requirements

Make a Commitment

The Data Science for Everyone Call for Commitments is open

March 16, 2021. 


The commitments campaign is open to everyone - whether you are

  • a school or university modernizing math requirements

  • a funder or industry partner expanding your focus areas

  • a policy maker revising content standards

  • an educator incorporating more data skills into your lessons

  • or an individual advocating in your community

Pathways & Requirements

Commitment makers can follow one of two pathways.

Commitments for Organizations & Public Entities

This pathway calls upon stakeholders - industry leaders, schools & universities, policymakers, and funders - to showcase or expand efforts currently underway or take a completely new approach.

Commitments for Individuals 

This pathway calls upon individuals to commit to one or more of our pre-developed action steps. We provide the resources for you to learn more and take action.


Commitments for Organizations & Public Entities

Put simply commitments say who is committing to what action by when.

Make a commitment that showcases or expands efforts currently underway - or takes a completely new approach. No matter your stage of ideation, you can submit a commitment idea. Built into the Commitments process are pathways to connect commitment makers to the resources and partners that will spur action.

High-leverage commitments are:


They include a clear action and outcome with a timeline for these actions


They consider issues of equity in access to data science education


They have measurable outcomes


They are new or unique in some way (this includes building on an existing initiative, or replicating an initiative in a new context)


They consider additional contributors or
resources needed


Commitment focus areas are wide-ranging. Key topics, include:

  • Updating graduation and admissions requirements

  • Rewriting state standards

  • Providing teacher professional development

  • Introducing new data science courses

  • Incorporating data literacy across disciplines

  • Designing or adapting curriculum

  • New funding or grant opportunities

Not sure where to start?


Commitments for Individuals

This pathway calls upon individuals to commit to one or more initiatives. The submission form offers concrete action steps for you to:

  • Grow your data science skills

  • Bring data science into your classroom

  • Build awareness

  • Contact the decision makers

  • Or your own idea!

Commitments Event

On June 28th from 12pm - 4pm ET, we will host the Data Science for Everyone Commitments Event to highlight the importance of increasing access and quality of data science in elementary and secondary schools. The event will also showcase high impact commitments.

Join us to learn from keynote speakers, see more about the innovations coming out of the commitments process, hear announcements of major funding and partnership opportunities, and celebrate forthcoming commitment action.


Action Resources

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