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Data Science for Everyone is a coalition advancing data science education so that every K-12 student is equipped with the data literacy skills needed to succeed in our modern world. Equitable access to data science education is an opportunity to open doors to higher education, high-paying careers, and an engaged community.

Created by the University of Chicago Center for RISC and organized in partnership with The Learning Agency and the Concord Consortium, we support a growing community that knows that the data revolution has transformed modern life and we need to prepare our students. 

About Us
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Raising awareness
Community building
Resources & support
Policy advocacy

We’re engaging policymakers at all levels with support on advancing data science education.

  • Read our letter to President Biden, signed by more than 160 leaders and advocates for data science education.

  • Read the letter sent by 10 US Senators to the National Science Foundation and Institute of Educational Sciences.

  • Read the letter by Senator Padilla, Brown, and Booker to the Senate Appropriations Committee to invest in the development and implementation of effective interventions to support data science education.

We’re getting people talking about data science. The reality is, data science is not a commonly understood term. Better awareness is needed to move the needle - to start, by connecting the concept of data science, widely misunderstood as a niche technical skill, to the skills that parents and the general public agree all students must learn.

  • We promote coalition activity and talk all things data science our social media channels. Follow us on Twitter!

Participate in our programming or start a conversation on Slack to get involved in the community. We host:

  • The Commitments Campaign which brings together policymakers, funders, implementation specialists, education organizations and more, to help drive action in our community.

  • We host events featuring case studies and workshops to grow a supportive network. Join our next event.

  • Monthly chats for coalition-member networking. Let us know you want to drop into our next Monthly Chat, the last Wednesday of every monthly at 2pm ET.

Check out our resource center for guidance, opportunities, and best practices to use in your context - or let us know the support you need in your work. We’re here for all coalition-members.

  • We support school districts, like the Khan Lab School, to explore or pilot data science content and curricula. Hear from students in their recent data science course here.

  • We host a growing database of teaching and learning resources filterable by grade level, data analysis tool, or topics. Check out our comprehensive resource center.


Freakonomics Radio




Educational Summit


More than 2 million people listened to our podcast episode exploring how K-12 data literacy can better prepare students for the modern economy.

We hosted 60+ academics, policymakers, educators, and industry partners for a leadership summit at Stanford Graduate School of Education on how and why to expand K-12 data science education.



Recommendations for Executive Action


More than 160 experts and leaders signed our letter to President Biden recommending actions to prioritize data science education.

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