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Steve Levitt interviews Pulitzer Prize-winning Data Journalist Walt Hickey

Listen to Steve and Walt's engrossing (and hilarious) discussion of the importance of data science in unexpected arenas like entertainment on the "People I Mostly Admire" Podcast.

"The way I always like to think about it is creativity is having a good idea, data science is proving you’re right." - Walt Hickey

Walt Hickey Wants to Track Your Eyeballs on People I (Mostly) Admire.

Walt Hickey is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and data expert whose 2023 book You Are What You Watch explains "the power of entertainment to change our biology, our beliefs, how we see ourselves, and how nations gain power." He's written for publications like FiveThirtyEight and Business Insider, where he covered topics ranging from movie box office performance to demographic trends. Hickey is recognized for his ability to use data-driven approaches to provide in-depth analysis and commentary on complex issues.

In this interview with Steve Levitt, Hickey emphasizes the fact that data science skills are becoming increasingly valuable for professionals in soft fields like marketing, where understanding and analyzing data can provide significant insights into consumer behavior and preferences. Hickey suggests students interested in pursuing careers in data analysis should focus on developing a strong foundation in statistics, programming, and data visualization techniques. But he also advocates for the importance of data science education in preparing all students for the evolving demands of the job market, no matter what field they're interested in joining.



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