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Do we need a national framework for K-12 data science education?

Javeria Salman of The Hechinger Report reports on how a national framework for teaching data skills is gaining momentum

Zarek Drozda speaks to the focus group convening at the University of Chicago.

For the past two years, Javeria Salman has been exploring the landscape of data science education through her reporting at The Hechinger Report. Her findings reveal a significant gap: the absence of a national framework for teaching data skills and literacy, akin to the Common Core standards for math or the Next Generation Science Standards.

Recently, there has been significant progress on this front. A group of K-12 educators, students, higher education officials, and industry leaders recently gathered at the University of Chicago to present their initial findings on what essential data skills should be required for high school graduates. This effort, led by Data Science 4 Everyone, involved 11 focus groups over five months. These groups discussed the fundamental knowledge students should acquire in data science and artificial intelligence, integrated not only in dedicated data science classes but also in subjects like math, English, and science.

For a more detailed look at these developments, read the full article here.


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