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Data Science Is Vital to Student Success. So Why Are Outcomes Going Down?

By: Zarek Drozda, Program Director, Data Science 4 Everyone

In the last decade, data has become a new frontier that is ripe for exploration and analysis. And in order to live up to America’s ideals, its spirit of innovation, and its push toward equality, today’s students must be empowered with the data literacy skills they need to succeed. Yet when it comes to this particular challenge, our education system is still rooted in the past – when computers did not exist and data analysis and insights were calculated by hand.

“Data Science Is Vital to Student Success. So Why Are Outcomes Going Down?” examines the results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). Overall, the NAEP results indicate that student achievement in data science skill sets declined significantly compared to other content areas – leaving our most vulnerable students without fundamental data skills.

Drozda highlights how data skills are crucial in preparing students for personal and professional success in the data age. Read the report to find recommendations that schools and districts can begin to implement to prepare all students for the data revolution.

A strong first step towards the expansion of data science and literacy education is the introduction of the Data Science and Literacy Act of 2023 – which was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives as a bipartisan effort supported by Representatives Stevens (D-MI), Baird (R-IN), Beyer (D-VA), and Kim (R-CA). The new legislation serves as an opportunity to foster data literacy for K-12 students and beyond. Once passed, the bill will provide grants to schools & colleges that aim to increase access to data science and literacy education.

Show your support for this legislation by adding your name to a letter of support addressed to Congress. In partnership with the American Statistical Association, DS4E is proud to organize this letter that will increase the likelihood of the Data Science and Literacy Act of 2023 being filed into law.

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