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After the AP: Data Science Challenge

Recorded Date :

April 9, 2024

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of 2nd Annual After the AP: Data Science Challenge! Hear from Dash Young-Saver (Executive Director of Skew the Script), Jennifer Huppert (Teacher at Wappingers Central School District) and Mahmoud Harding (Instructional Design Director at Data Science 4 Everyone) as they discuss how to implement the After the AP: Data Science Challenge in your classroom.

What will students learn?

A gentle introduction to coding in the open-source R language (popular in academia and industry)
Skills for working with real, raw data
Modern statistical modeling techniques, including multiple regression and machine learning

Participate in an optional competition: The top student models nationwide - in terms of accuracy in predicting student loan default rates - will be recognized as winners of the National Data Science Challenge (a great achievement to include on college or work applications)! Submitting to the competition is optional. Sign up for the challenge here:

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