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Vote to bring DS4E sessions to SXSW EDU 2024!

Are you going to SXSW EDU in Austin next year? We can’t wait to see you there!

Voting for SXSW EDU 2024 sessions is now open through August 20. Whether you’re attending the conference in person or not, SXSW EDU wants to hear from YOU as they pick next year’s programming – and Data Science 4 Everyone needs your help!

How to Vote

Voting takes about a minute! Log in or create a SXSW PanelPicker account. Use the links for each session, and vote for as many sessions as you like!

Our Sessions

Cast your vote for our expert-led sessions on accessibility in data science education, global data science innovation, AI-enabled edtech, expansive career opportunities with data science, and an engaging meet up on teaching math in an AI world.

Learn more about our sessions – and when you cast your vote, let us know in the comments why you’re excited to hear about the future of data science!

Making Data Science That’s Really for Everyone: Join this panel for a conversation about how we’re making data science education that’s really for everyone. From accessible tools to approaches that celebrate disability as a fundamental component of diversity, the leaders in this panel are transforming who can thrive in the data future. VOTE HERE

Strength in Borders: Sourcing Global Data Science Innovation: Born from global collaboration, data science education advocates leveraged global connections to accelerate a new field from its inception. From the first-ever cross-country K-12 learning framework to international exchange of research and curricula models, join us to learn how going global made data science education a reality and what lessons we can learn from our partners across the globe. VOTE HERE

EdTech vs. TechEd: Making Emerging Technology Accessible: With AI changing the skills students need for tomorrow, learners must understand the technologies underneath emerging edtech, rather than simply using them. Join this panel for a discussion on the tools for content delivery, assessment, and instructional support that meet next-level learning experiences and what teaching about, and not just with, technology offers a post-ChatGPT world. VOTE HERE

Putting Data Science to Work: Join this panel to discuss how leaders in career and technical education, industry, and post-secondary education are incorporating data science into diverse pathways that benefit all learners. With options in K12 career education, corporate development, and certificate programs for a rapidly changing workforce, learn how we’re putting data science to work in the data future. VOTE HERE

Meet Up: Teaching Math in the World of AI: Everyone knows that artificial intelligence is changing the ways we teach and learn. But these rapidly changing technologies are also serving as an inspiration and a call for action among math educators seeking to energize their teaching for the 21st-century – or to simply answer the many questions from their students. From incorporating data science concepts to ensuring that math includes connections that are meaningful for students, the options are endless. Join this meetup to collaborate, ask questions, learn from each other, and come away ready to take on teaching math in an AI world. VOTE HERE

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